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Cumartesi, Ekim 14, 2006


silver oak once behind the eyes
replaced of lust i've ever worn
reflecting a divine light on me
it's the victory of leaking moon
so the magic in a wizard's mind
crypted silently over my heart
i have the alchemy of destiny...

wiping the dust of marble wall
name of my Angel written on
that became the first wonder
i embraced her winter crystals
her love was my last decoration
her novel beauty soothing me
so the time paralyzed moments
to resound the blurring night

awake by the astral delusions
consoling the weird depression
of lies and shattered trust
to get in the skin of phoenix
flying as if he would cede
yet this is the land of desolation
the cradle of false seduction

lay on the ground crossed
feelings would intense tonight
then back again with the rain
as if the cry of tearosphere
forget dreams nor reality be...
a withering entity to revive
relinguished from life; dead...

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