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Perşembe, Ekim 20, 2011


as a motherhood instinct you embraced
you've coiled me up in your hands
your love as an aegis covered me

as a weary rose of your sorrow garden
wished to stay with your august dew
i feared to be alone without you

i have the moon in my hands
clauds lying below my body
i wondered when would the night come
to present that dreamy gift to you
if only i could paralyze the scene in my mind
to share my miracle with you

Angels whisper that elegy everytime
you've stolen the days from me
in the eternal desolation i am living
but my hands are opened for you
if only i could hold my love in my hands
to share that miracle for you

you know how long i could live
and the days you've stolen from me
eternity, you promised is nolonger mine

if i need to be myself
i could be with my miracle
if only i could hold my love in my hands

as long as you believe...

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