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Perşembe, Ekim 20, 2011

death of a city...

among the wild seas, deep down to dreams
the sun never rised, whole kingdom hidden below
fortress of love crumbled, then the deepest sleep
as a treasure Atlantis, left inside in a soft way
left to die in a lofty way with its whole heaven

running down is rising above the skies
painless, fearless through Atlantis' heart
each sight magics me, i fear to love you

down to cold waters
back to dead city
city of sadness, darkness
with whole misery Atlantis

Atlantis carry me to your lost paradise
embrace under that shineless blue sun
all i've seen has no shade on you

down to cold soil
back to Angels city
city of pleasure, peace
with whole beauty Atlantis

as long as you believe...

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