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Perşembe, Ekim 20, 2011


what is forever? what is eternal?
what a mystical strange question
a neverending search in the time

over the dusty shelves of solitude library
the holy book with an old binding, torn papers
as if waiting a noble hand to serve itself

from the first page it crowns the whole alchemy
even reigns with unknown words of an unknown alphabet
has her secret power without God
as if she says
'i am the one what is eternal'

a prophet with innocent hands
opened her hard cover softly
fearing to hurt her Angellike flesh

the smell of holy dust inside
hardly breathed, yet unwillingly lungs had
as if they knew her secret against God

flowers, sun, sea and all the life elements
incurably had that spell on the own soul
cruel the time, celebrated that funeral
as if he knows
she is the one what is eternal

as long as you believe...

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