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Pazartesi, Ekim 31, 2011


(nobleculture ptII)

the crypts of a mysterious culture
radiating a noble feeling from heart
seems reflected from the other side
the splendid knowledge of mankind
unleashed the enigma of sanity

an astral divinity beyond the horizon
darker than death, brighter than life
where the reveries and reals bound
a mental illusion enlighted the paradox
as if the symbol of eternity devised

that was the repetition of same tragedy
so...the merchant of dreams returned
from his ethereal survey of death
his hands full of gilded hopes
picked up from the distant stars

the cynical aspect for the alteration
withered by his profound vision
as his compass was pointing the haven
realities blotted the map of iluusions out
destination of route still hidden
where the coast of eternity signed
yet the dreadful storms drifted to misery
was it an easy decision to hoist the sail
as suicide lays on the edge of this ocean

as long as you believe...

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