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Perşembe, Kasım 03, 2011

return of lady 'DARK'

pt I. the weary tomorrow

how can thou such distant even lying nigh thou
thy eyes doth cry, shed argent tears for 'morrow

thou sayst wilt ne'er more seduce my transparency
yet thine tendency belieth my oblivion against

woeful divisions we parteth through the Hades
so thou and i repent for our mutual destiny

'twas the nature of failings reducing ethereal trust
wonder how strength thy bare leading of intercourse

the Angel respect'd the infinity for thy wisdom
somewhere in time thou wilt lighteth my night

pt II. secret intruder

thine dusk lettin' follow my mighty cure
in my own depression i complicateth the day

assymetric feelings indicateth the true path
my deepest emotions remain'd then our faith

the totem philosophy deviseth on to thee
wither'd tenfold even to the virtual respect

dreadful confusion by the end of same dream
once i believeth, still i am crawling to thee

thou chain'd me without knowing thy spell
on most surfaces i cherish'd my satisfaction

as long as you believe...

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