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Pazartesi, Kasım 28, 2011

lethal love

' the night was dark
with occasional gleams of moonlight
between the rents of the heavy clouds
that scudded across the sky'*
it was the first time he ever told
his profound feelings to his Eternal
without knowing what the response be
a relapsed intimacy lessened the desire
transparent distraction revealed the amity
to pretend as if such words never spelled
he seized the bitter reality as well
she was the One, he was the Desolate
they became the poles of a magnet

she repulsed the dream
with her velvet voice, yet so kind
as the dust over the future wiped out
this pain in vein last forever
(his) blood of love shedding from the heart
was neither living nor he was dead
once he passed away that could never again
'and proved the ever truth he most abhorred'*
passion of love enchanted to his entity
lest his soul would burdened with misery
without the vision of her Angelic visage
his wisdom relieved toface up the saviour
to retain the illusions of the Reverie...

as long as you believe...

*from Bram Stoker 'Dracula'

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