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Çarşamba, Temmuz 11, 2012

where you belong...

under crimson hues of the moon
i have dreams to speak of
yet silence as well fear from the dark
if only the dreams illuminate the way
somehow my steps become weary
to see beyond the misty horizon
to see where you belong...

the sands of hourglass released from my hands
i ken they reveal the reality of the night
confusion is the poison of my mind
i feel hope is still alive
maybe my eyes welcome the dusk
to see the mighty sunlight
to see where you belong...

confusion of time drifting my  memory
i am falling into the vortex of dreams
so strange that i can't stay awake
the moments are so delusive
as if years passed within this dimension
my soul grow faster than the skin
i feel the dark is coming...

now i see where you belong...

as long as you believe...

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