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Pazar, Ekim 16, 2011

a note from the past... ptII


flying beyond the dusk
over the city of diversions
hatred leading the entire surface
wondering then how to share

the crow looked down on dark
dreaming an illusion for the fate
so, got closer to the tree
seeking upheaval branch to stay
as if to spread his desires

his grey furs under the rain
became paler by the ice drops
then the night soothed eyes
moon reduced the rising anger
yet something wrong in this dream
illusions set back for the moment
to confess the reality otherwise
a sudden shriek tore the silence
the bitter pain caressed his skin
tears joint the blood for awhile
until he chose the Hades to fly

the wounded crow opened his wings
cold sole eyes focused to horizon
staring through the crimson future
ceasing the emotional destination
a long trail lying for the feast

as long as you believe...

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