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Pazar, Ekim 16, 2011

a note from the past...


the fire of eternal feelings
driving me through the upheaval tears
it's the divinity of this moment
spinning around my entity
heired dimly from the ancient desires
one love required to get out
trapped in myself to reinforce
the transparent beauty of pleasure
i've drunken the wine of eternity
yet i knew it was far away

since i am burning down here
the feeble august shedding misery
influence the theory of levitation
the scene soothed my skin awhile
then the future became visible
i wondered if this was m decision

every tear has the story own
telling the tragedy of insanity
searching if my Reverie's my destiny
confused to see her tendency
this must be the seventh sin
i confess, as well i deserved the Hades

as i was diving deep inside
found myself spelled by heart
the fragile expectations shattered then
merely to prove my failings
as long as i begone wrong
i confess, i've already deserved the Hades

as long as you believe...

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