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Çarşamba, Kasım 29, 2006


The moonlight crawls through my window
And i have groth a new coming misery
As well the color of tears turned to red
The candles shiver by the cold night
Yet i’m burning in the fire of desolation

Dead november lays on the bed silently
As i set my alarm clock to the hope
Knowing that it will never ring, no morning (to be)
Seems that the final of dimmed life coming
Transparent shadows embracing my entity

The seconds are pacing to catch the death
Until they reach my sunset of illusions
The purple dreams farewell argent tears
Someone, something written this dark destiny
As if a cruel rule of an unknown game

Angel of death standing behind the door
Staring at me helpless, expecting no pity
I just couldn’t remember what i’ve done (to me)
Seems my body is so tired for dripping blood
So my spirit released through the skies

I can see now why the shadows are dual
One of them belongs to my withering flesh
The other is my spirit’s, not much time left
And i’m writing down my final sentence to life
‘i’ve loved the death, more than i supposed to’

as long as you believe...

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