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Pazar, Nisan 15, 2007

as i put the lights off

As i put the lights off, i see an angel
I ken that destiny is behind the Blue
My seraphic hallucination devised
In the eyes of an ocean, i can see
How the innocence lies by my side
I know her smile, i feel her sorrow
Tonight candles light for this miracle
I prey angel...soon to call my name

So i sacrifice my dreams to let her
No more false tendencies to follow
This should be the final destination
Writing my love on the water
That no one can read but the Blue
My feelings departed from my soul
Flowing through unknown eternity
I confess i loved her that way...

I should have granted tomorrow
To paste pleasure on my skin
Yet the answer hidden in the portrait
Looking deeper to solve the enigma
Memories of teary skin confused
If these are merely my fiction
What if i am believing my dreams
What if this is an another suicide

I close my eyes to face tomorrow
To fade the hope into darker hues
If the end of this path is death
I feel i love the death (more than life)

as long as you believe...

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