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Salı, Temmuz 10, 2007

a burning hope

tears drained of the scene seen
the swans left this paradise
i am nailed on the viper ground
exiled to this weird desolation
sentence myself unfair execution

all the colors of rainbow mixed
everything now faded to black
let my destiny burn the hope
if only death would be enough
to soothe my soul at the otherside

sleepless eyes dripping rage
the devised evil mask on my face
a timeless feeling raigning back
i wonder how to drag it away
as i'm trying to defy against
i feel weaker, a mental chaos

all the noblity collapsed down
cursed to live until the end
the stars disappear of my sky
an absolute misery who'd forgive
as long as i wear this skin...
(as long as i believe delusions)

as long as you believe...

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