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Salı, Temmuz 10, 2007

no gravity

frozen dreams melting down
i bury the nights of my heart
sleeping for eternity and i deny
the loathsome secrets of the eyes
somehow i taste the regret

it was the beginning of sunset
the filthy bodies surrended
all the sins floating on the sky
preying a rain to clean the past
a feeling dissolving my illusions
that i tried to name yet i fail

believed this lies of pale skin
kissed to revive the darkness
shed the blood of innocence
i'm leading an unforgiven tragedy
to write the end, suicide...

that is how i replaced honour
deserved heaven is a blurred picture
dusty, i can't see far deeper
maybe i am blinded of pleasure
yet this surface rejects as well
floating on the sky within my sin

as long as you believe...

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