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Cumartesi, Şubat 14, 2009

the gloom whispering a tale
listening but not hearing
a dream drowning in darkness
as long as i deny desolation
the more it grows, bleeding
a weary heart dying inside

sorrow is an obsession
light dimmed until the end
it's the scene i know
hope withered until the end

i am in the waters of eternity
i know this is the end of life
drifting to the shores of death
yet i still remember my feelings
drawing its picture on fire
then let myself away from this land

literature is an illusion
follow me until the end
i can't promise more than reals
i am visionaire until the end

this must be the final second
vision disappears through horizon
a simple room made of illusions
and i lay down to a deeper sleep
getting my final breathe inside
and the dream just begins(until the end)...
as long as you believe...

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