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Cuma, Mart 06, 2009


in the high dimension of White illusions
i was waiting the rain to clean yesterday
even a little hope could make me believe
i knew i was drifting through my fiction
a mighty instinct that i couldn't resist
it was the paradox of White and the abuse
i tasted them all until i postponed the end

now the White is black and i'm far away
back in the silent waters of loneliness
farewell the funeral of humane feelings
i am in the final destination of light
just the blinds can see further here
all the emotions slipped down my skin
i feel purified by the mortal delusions

here is the place where i am far away...
as i close my eyes, then i can see colors
of mighty night shedding purple and red
without fear staggering down the dreams
yet i can see the sky is shattered mirror
reflecting the dark scenes of my life
every piece wounds my frozen memories

this is the place that i name Far Away
at where the ravens living within chaos
seems all the colors paled in the heart
standing through the edge of an abyss
i let the time leak down to eternity
methinks this is the confusion of moon
whether to revive the dying temptation
i'm dying as if i'm sleeping for eternity

as long as you believe...

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