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Pazartesi, Temmuz 13, 2009

angels among us...

A dream woke me from reality
Looking further upon a mountain
Horizon blinded by the clouds
If i knew a step beyond is death
I let myself down this eternity
Yet i knew angels among us
Woke me to another day…

The diary of suicide is already written
One more day to live or infinity
It’s the fate of mortal beliefs
The spelly words wither by this line
My mind playing a cruel game
What if i believe this illusion
What if i withdraw…addicted

Passion painted the dark skies
Angels become visible by then
The meaning of gloom altered
Confusion is the new taste of blood

Exiled to Gaia’s dream
As well there will be light
Whether it shines or not
Whether it caress or not
Angels will (always)be among us

as long as you believe...

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