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Pazartesi, Aralık 28, 2009

story of a man

this is the story of a man in slumber
exiled from the kingdom of imagination
a tender mind poisoned by the reality
yet something left innocent in the heart
to find the way back after his death
this is the story of me lying in slumber
time for an awake from my noble suicide

i am back again with my grown desolation
staring the room where i locked reveries
here is the place where hope lies tomorrow
knowing that illusions playing the same drama
feeling that i am the only visitor of this theatre
having my seat from the first row
pretending as if living my first dream

all the memories of lethe wounding me
i don't want to remember old pleasures
back here to learn everything again
confused if i tasted those before
the silver tears of past melted down
now wiping them from my shedding eyes
letting myself through the final tide

as long as you believe...

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